If you’re an EMT, you’ve seen some pretty nasty stuff. Throw up. Poop. You name it. 

If you’re tired of a smelly ambulance and/or have a knack for obsessively cleaning everything like me, this article is for you. 

 Let’s walk through a few handy tips on how to sanitize, clean, and refresh everything in the ambulance for your patient’s complete and total comfort. Let’s do this!

How to Sanitize the Ambulance

  1. Disinfect Windows and Doors Including Handles with Isopropyl Alcohol or Soap
  2. Scrub Door Mats with Soapy Solution
  3. Dispose of any used gloves or stretcher covers
  4. Wipe down steering wheel, handle, levers with disinfecting wipes
  5. Remove all floor mats and vacuum remaining debris 

How to Remove Blood, Fecal, and Vomit Stains

Sanitize car seats with a spray mixture of water, blue dawn and a little bit of distilled vinegar. This will get the peskiest stains out. Be sure to air out ambulance as the vinegar smell can be strong. 

Hydrogen peroxide works wonders on grimy stains like blood, fecal matter, and vomit. Make sure to use it right away as it works best when the stain hasn’t penetrated for a while.

How To Remove Vomit Smell  

Baking soda is a holy grail of cleaning supplies for good reason. It is natural alternative to cleaners and works well. Baking soda absorbs vomit smells and can repel any insects from your ambulance as well. Try mixing baking soda and water in a 1:1 ratio. Generously apply the resulting mixture to the vomit streaks. Rub into the ambulance upholstery with a sturdy cloth and voila watch the vomit smell disappear!

What are your favorite cleaning hacks as an EMT? Let us know in the comments. 

Thanks for reading, EMTs. Don’t forget to keep your ambulance clean for your patients at all times.

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