Research conducted at Ohio State University suggests EMS positions are predominantly filled by white males. That means a huge body of people aren’t being represented in the world of EMS. 

In this article, we’ll highlight a few reasons why it’s beneficial to have a diverse EMS crew to ensure complete patient safety and satisfaction. Read along to learn more. 

Women patients may feel more comfortable being assisted by another woman.

In private matters, women may feel more able to share with a woman EMS provider. They feel more comfortable divulging personal matters such as urinary infections or bacterial infections. That’s a good enough reason for women to break into EMS. 

A diverse EMS crew helps lower the language and cultural barriers.

Having bilingual people on the scene can help tremendously, ultimately providing patients a higher level of care. This makes taking vitals easier and helps EMS workers stay focused on patient care.

Everybody deserves to be represented.

Inclusion gives everyone a voice at the table. It offers your patients the chance to feel valueless, seen, supported and respected. That’s why people with disabilities and mental illness should not shy away from becoming EMTs. Your ailments do not define you. If anything your unique experience will offer perspective to give your patients the best care and neutralize any moments where they don’t feel seen or heard because of their disability. 

A strong team is diverse.

By bringing different people into the same team, you’re patients will feel represented whether through their gender, race, age and sexual orientation. Diversity and inclusion is all about understanding others experiences, listening to their voices, and taking the time to value, accept, and empathize with one another. 

In what ways does your EMS team embody diversity and inclusion? Let us know in the comments below.

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