Hey folks! Spring is just around the corner. That means you’ll be donning bunny ears and gorging on Cadbury chocolate eggs, right?!

Aside from the fun festivities, working as an EMT in the spring can be a great opportunity!

You’ll get varied work

Springtime can bring a variety of medical emergencies, including outdoor injuries, seasonal allergies, and alcohol-related incidents. This can provide EMTs with opportunities to respond to different types of calls and gain experience in different areas of emergency medicine.

It’s a busy season

 Springtime can be a busy time for EMTs, with an increase in emergency calls due to the factors mentioned above. This can provide EMTs with more opportunities to work and gain valuable experience in their field. There are no slow days which means you’ll be learning something new every day. 

Job security comes in handy

The increased demand for EMTs in the spring can also provide job security and maybe increased pay. EMTs may be more likely to have stable work and job opportunities during this time. Now, I know you like that sound of that! Cha-ching! 

The work never fails to be rewarding

Working as an EMT in any season can be rewarding, but in the spring, EMTs may have the opportunity to help people in new and different ways. For example, responding to an outdoor injury and stabilizing a patient for transport to a hospital can be especially gratifying, as can helping someone experiencing an allergic reaction or alcohol-related emergency.

Overall, working as an EMT during the springtime can be a rewarding and valuable experience, providing opportunities for varied work, job security, and the chance to make a difference in people’s lives. Grab your sturdiest rain work boots and let’s ring in Spring! 

Thanks for reading!

Amanda with EMS University 

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